Calgary Stucco and Stone Specializes in all exterior products and applications including Conventional Stucco, Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS), Foam systems, scratch and double, Parging and Repairs. We work with dream home builders, mom and pop flippers and home owners from all corners of the city and beyond. But were not just stucco contractors were a team of designers, project managers and expert tradesmen. We will guide you through your Renovation or New build from our cutting edge 3D rendering process all the way to our steadfast quality workmanship and warranty. Calgary Stucco is an Industry leader when it comes to the adhering and advancement of current Calgary construction codes and technology. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond the standards. You don’t want to just be part of the standard you want your home to be a Stand out!

Stucco Systems and finishes vary almost as much as Calgary’s weather! let our design team guide you through the stucco selection process and choose your stucco system, style, color, details, flashing color, and texture. let us show you how a stucco system should work to manage water drainage properly and maintain its integrity for decades.

EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing System)

EIFS Is the next generation In the Stucco world. It is comprised of a spreadable vapor barrier then a Type two styrofoam is adhered to the wall with a notched trowel almost like a tile would be laid on a floor. the styrofoam is then expertly sanded and leveled followed by a layer of nylon fiberglass mesh that is laid into a 3/8 coat of acrylic base coat. this is followed finally buy an a acrylic finish.

The benefits of using an EIFS system lie primarily in its insulation value, compared to a traditional scratch and double system with a virtually non existent R value a standard EIFS system has an R value of nearly 8 and I don’t have to remind you how much your winter heating bills are but a Great EIFS Reno can not only increase the value of your home but also decrease your Enmax bill! (standing ovation) not to mention the fast cure times of the acrylic product make it ideal for renovations, reducing the cure times allows us to get the job done without having to leave the scratch and double to cure and leave your house half finished for weeks just sitting there like the ugly duckling on the block interfering with your daily life. Not to mention your reducing your carbon footprint by using less gas to heat your home.

Conventional Stucco (Scratch and Double)

Ah Convention Stucco, good ol faithful. Has been used in Calgary for decades and is durable and cost effective and can be coated with acrylic finish to look just like its counter part EIFS. It can be heavily textured to match existing finishes or projects of unique texture requirements.

The benefits of using Conventional Stucco lie primarily in your pants! In your wallet specifically. being comprised almost entirely of sand and cement the materials are far cheaper than EIFS systems. Conventional Systems are more prone to cracks and Staining as well as Efferesance or the minerals of the scratch coats leeching through the finish coat to produce white stains running down the walls. Done properly, these problems can be avoided all together and that is why choosing your Stucco Contractor should not be taken too lightly.

Your home is your Sanctuary. It reflects you as an individual or a family and Sets the Scene for your daily life. let us bring a new vibrance to your home that will reflect in your Smile every time you walk through the door. Remember were always here to answer your questions big or small.