commercial buildings

Calgary Stucco understands the complexities of your building envelope.

We have the equipment and man power to tackle any size project anywhere in Western Canada.

We have done large scale projects in Calgary, Edmonton, Penticton and Prince George including the restoration and renovation of the new Pomeroy Kaninaskis Lodge. A two year large scale renovation in the middle of the Kaninaskis valley.

We can help you with your project from start to finish. Any time of year, anywhere in Western Canada.

Industry leading safety with commendations. Industry leading rain screen as well as woodpecker proof stucco systems.

A diverse portfolio of successful installations of affordable stone siding and commercial metal panelling alternatives, urban concrete panelling systems and lux siding installs.

We are on the cutting edge of exterior design and application. We are driven to produce finished projects on time, on budget and we have the references to back it up.

Let us throw our hat in the ring and bid on your project. You will see the Calgary Stucco difference.

commercial building
and condo renovation

Before you call a large general contracting firm for your exterior project, give us call first!

We have the equipment, the know how and the management team you need to get your exterior renovation done. Without the additional cost of hiring a general contractor.

Let us build you a customized estimate to your project. With a modern design, clear cost structure layout, as well as a realistic and achievable time line. Without the need to pay the lawyers and accountants at the large GC firms to count all the extra money you will spend.

Nobody will take your exterior project and your budget more seriously than Calgary Stucco and Stone.

This is what we do and we are very proud of every project we undertake.

Let us bid on your project and you will see the Calgary Stucco difference.